How to Win Big on Slots

In January 2019, a lucky traveler won a whopping $12,000 at an LA Airport Penny Slot Machine. Not forgetting to mention the LA software engineer who won a jackpot of $39.7 million after wagering $100. But what exactly does it to win big on slots?

1. Determine Slot Volatility

Volatility, or variance, is among the critical factors to consider when picking a winning slot machine. It measures the risk of playing a particular slot machine game. The odds of winning at high volatility slots are smaller, but the pay is more. These payouts come after a lengthy session. On the other hand, your odds of winning at low volatility slots are high, yet they offer regular smaller wins.

2. Pick Slots with High Payouts

Casino operators ensure that you know what you expect to win on slots. Everything is made clear including the odds of winning a particular slot: the maximum and minimum bets, and the maximum and minimum bets. Go for slots with high payouts to improve your chances of winning big.

3. Higher Bets

As with other games, your chances of securing a jackpot are high if you place maximum bets. Slots payouts are directly proportional to the amount you wager. So if you want to be a multimillionaire by playing slots, make the higher bets.

4. Use Free Spins

You need to be familiar with the “unfriendly” terms and conditions for bonuses and free bets before you can make any withdrawals. It’s no brainier that wagering requirements for free spins may take the fun out of playing casino games. But still, consider trying the wager-free offers, and try your luck.

5. Choose a Licensed Casino

Online scams are not uncommon in this digital era, with many people losing thousands of dollars to fraudsters. You don’t want to be the next victim. So in your quest to winning big with slots, make sure you check if a casino is licensed and regulated. Prominent casino licensors include the Malta and Curacao gambling commissions.